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For those who don't know, a guestbook is a means of sending comments or connecting with a website you may like! I use smartgb which sends me an email each time I get a new message. Whenever I do get one I'll include it in plaintext here! (Eventually. Sometimes it takes a bit to update the site.) Sign here or click the flower.


 Biddyfox ( - "really cool css work"

Thank you! Your website was a large inspiration as well! - Vd

 Kole ( - "nice little site you have here. big fan"

Thanks! I don't know why you linked to yahoo but you give kind words :)! - Vd

 Catey ( - "LICKS U"

AGH! - Vd

 Biddyfox ( - "also are the flowers on your site the ones from space funeral earth birth? genuinely one of my favorite games still, wish it was easier to find.."

Yes, there were little sprites from Earth Birth on my site prior to updating it with some assets. There's still one on the 404 page. As for a link to the game, I know of a friend who has a copy at - Vd

 Mariken (no site given) - "Will u ever make ur site mobile friendly lol... anyway thanks for being a good friend hug u.."

Currently I have no plans to make my site mobile friendly, it's built to evoke the classical style of HTML websites and due to my distaste for browsing via mobile clients uses elements specifically tuned and adjsuted to break when on a mobile device. Eventually I may change this but at least at the moment I feel it isn't worth it to adjust my code to be mobile friendly, especially considering my opinions on how the shift to mobile-friendly design gentrified the internet. - Vd

 name (no site given) - "W2.html is really really good. extremely limited palette and analog paint (or simulacrum I can't tell) go together in a really bold and striking way that makes it like, viscerally hurt. great stuff. "

Glad you like it. It was a big leap but one I'm glad I made, delving into a synthesis of collage and comic. Seemed a few people liked the stuff I used for the discord launch too. I'll keep on keeping on. - Vd

 WaKa (no site given) - "stinky poo poo site. jk ily"

= ( - Vd

 dant ( - " i'm so proud of my little work of art < 3"

= ) - Vd

 maggot (no site given) - " Hi friend..Awesomest website ever. I need to draw your ocs again sometime sewn.. love all of your images. Yours truly, Maggostine."

Thanks maggot. Someday I want to collate all of the fanart I've recieved over the years, most of it is printed out on a wall next to my computer. Love meat. - Vd

 لينيت 🜏(linn) ( - "meow"

mya. - Vd


Thanks. - Vd